Michael Kilgallin

Partner, Roper Greyell LLP

Michael is a partner at Roper Greyell where he provides calculated advice to employers on employment, labour relations and human rights issues.

Michael is an advocate for his clients with experience in just about every BC court and administrative tribunal dealing with workplace law. However, Michael is known for providing his clients with practical and efficient advice to navigate potential disputes away from courts and tribunals. In particular, Michael assists employers with drafting, maintaining, and enforcing employment contracts and policies, as well as evaluating the risks and options associated with hard decisions employers have to make that affect employees. By working closely with employers proactively, Michael ensures they have the best facts possible to minimize employee disputes. Michael is proven to be an adaptable and reliable partner with his clients across numerous industries and sectors.

Michael speaks and writes on a wide range of employment and labour law topics, including
delivering seminars and training to clients on all workplace issues.