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DFI Forensics Inc. is a professional service provider specializing in advanced digital forensics examinations and investigations. DFI Forensics Inc. uses highly trained digital forensics examiners to acquire, preserve and analyze digital evidence gathered from all types of digital media and online/cloud sources.

DFI Forensics Inc. uses industry standard tools and forensic software consistent with law enforcement standards to ensure the highest quality of our investigations and, more importantly, to ensure that our conclusions are capable of being relied upon by our clients, particularly for use in Court.

DFI Forensics Inc. provides assistance to the business community in acquiring and analyzing digital evidence for use in workplace investigations, such as sexual harassment, workplace bullying and employment or labour disputes. Additionally, DFI Forensics Inc. conducts specialized post-cyberattack investigations for businesses who have been victimized by a data breach, ransomware attack or unauthorized IT network intrusion.

Finally, DFI Forensics Inc. provides human resources professionals with specialized employee background checks examining open source online content, such as social media, to assist businesses in assessing the fit of a prospective employee with their organization prior to offering that employee a position.

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