Nhi Huynh

Employment and Human Rights Lawyer, Achkar Law

Nhi Huynh is a Managing Lawyer at Achkar law, representing provincially and federally regulated employees and employers in all employment law and human rights law matters. Nhi advises clients on wrongful dismissals, constructive dismissals, employment contracts, policies, discipline, disability claims, and human rights issues. Along with being committed to resolving disputes, she focuses on equipping clients with tools to prevent disputes.

Nhi provides practical, client-focused legal services, and enjoys helping clients navigate alternative dispute resolutions and civil procedures. She has experience representing clients at mediations and hearings, assisting with cases before tribunals, the Superior Court of Justice, the Federal Court, and the Federal Court of Appeal.

In her spare time, Nhi negotiates with and mediates between her cats, who are at times unrelenting. She carries these skills into the workplace.