David A. Whitten

Founding Partner, Whitten & Lublin Employment Lawyer

As a nationally recognized and highly sought-after employment lawyer, David A. Whitten focuses on the strategic resolution of complex workplace issues and challenges for both employers and employees.

What sets David A. Whitten apart is his abiding belief in fairness. He holds that the most productive and successful work environments are those in which both the employer and employees are treated with respect. This ethical standard makes him a compelling advocate in negotiations or in court and an opponent to be reckoned with.

For private and public sector employers, he has provided knowledgeable counsel on a broad range of issues, while specializing in advising clients on constructive dismissal in the workplace.

While David advises employees at all levels, he focuses on issues specific to the C-Suite. He is broadly experienced at crafting and negotiating executive employment and compensation agreements; severance packages; non-competition and non-solicitation contracts, as well as agreements related to post-employment obligations; incentive plans stock options; bonus compensation, and fiduciary obligations. David has developed a specialized approach to dealing with constructive dismissal in the executive suite that has assisted his clients to recover millions of dollars in severance.

David also has a proven talent for addressing commonly unforeseen downside issues when drafting and negotiating executive employment agreements. He has earned a reputation for defending business leaders embroiled in conflicts with their Board of Directors or other executives, or who face leadership issues, or who are facing performance-related criticism from shareholders.