No matter your circumstances, the Employment Law Masterclass is an unmissable event for HR professionals in Alberta. Your workers may be starting to migrate back to the office – so you’ll need to know the rules around vaccinations and lockdowns. Or perhaps your organization is shifting to a remote work model – which means you’ll need to know how to onboard effectively and safeguard employees’ mental health from afar.

It hasn’t been an easy few years for those in the employment law or HR space, but here at HRD we’re streamlining and simplifying things for you. In this masterclass, we’ll cover all your pressing questions: What do employers need to be aware of as they begin to reintegrate their workforces or move to permanent hybrid workplace models? How should they prepare themselves in advance to ensure they minimize potential workforce disruption? Which trends will have the biggest impact on employers’ legal duties and obligations in Alberta in the year to come?


Hear critical insights on the legal parameters of vaccines in the workplace

Gain new ideas on how employers can develop effective D&I programs while maintaining their legal obligations

Delve into health and safety issues employers need to consider in the new work environment

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